Books Pedia – The Importance of ISBNs in Marketing and Selling Books

As an author, you may focus your attention on writing a great Book, but it’s important to also pay attention to the marketing and selling of your Book. In order to successfully sell your Book, you’ll need to have a unique identifier for your Book called an International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

An ISBN is a 13-digit number that gives your Book global recognition with booksellers, libraries, and distributors. Essentially, it’s a barcode for any type of Book, whether it’s a paperback, hardback, or electronic Book. Many retailers, wholesalers, and libraries won’t carry a Book without an ISBN, and it’s been reported that books with ISBNs sell significantly more copies than books without. Here are just a few ways ISBNs are important when it comes to marketing and selling books.

1. Allows your Book to be discoverable

There are millions of books available in the marketplace, so it can be difficult for readers to find yours. An ISBN makes your Book discoverable through search engines and eCommerce websites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Booktopia. When readers or retailers search for your Book by title, author, or genre, the ISBN can help them find the right Book with ease, thus increasing the chances of your Book being purchased.

2. Widens your distribution options

One of the biggest advantages of having an ISBN is that it makes your Book available to a larger audience through various channels. Booksellers and distributors use ISBNs to manage their inventory and ordering process since they need a unique identifier to quickly and accurately identify the Book. When someone wants to buy your Book, they can easily request it from their local bookstore or library, which can increase the visibility and sales for your Book.

3. Establishes your credibility

An ISBN is an important tool to establish your Book‘s legitimacy and credibility. A 13-digit ISBN is a global standard, and using one can make your Book seem more professional and help signal to readers that it has been created with care and attention to detail. Having an ISBN assures retailers, libraries, and potential readers that your Book has been placed in the professional distribution channels, and it’s a trustworthy publication.

4. Provides access to Book marketing and promotion

ISBNs allow authors and publishers to participate in Book marketing and promotion activities. Since ISBN identifies the title and author, it’s required for submission to Book review publications and inclusion in booksellers’ catalogs. Book marketing programs like those offered by Amazon and Google require that books have an ISBN to enroll. Additionally, many online bookstores and ranking systems require the use of an ISBN to track sales, recognition, and visibility of books.

In conclusion, an ISBN is an essential tool that can help in the marketing and selling of your Book. It allows your Book to be discoverable, widens your distribution options, establishes credibility and gives access to various Book marketing and promotion activities. Having an ISBN also legitimizes your Book and establishes your status as a serious author. So, if you’re planning to self-publish your Book or partnering with a publisher, make sure to obtain an ISBN to help promote and distribute your Book, making it easily accessible to anyone who wants to read it.

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